Affordable, Comprehensive Pet Care from Home!

Vetr Health is a new breed of veterinary practice committed to providing accessible, affordable, and stress free veterinary care from the comfort of your home. We offer in-home veterinary services including routine exams, vaccines, wellness testing, and telemedicine for less than what you would pay at a traditional veterinary clinic.

At-Home Vet Services

Trust us, we know how busy you are. Vetr Health simplifies veterinary care for your pet by offering exams, vaccines, and wellness testing right from your home. Our friendly veterinarians and veterinary technicians will come to you so that your beloved furry friends are always on the same schedule as you.

TeleVet Services

Weird rash? Upset stomach? We know how stressful it can be to care for your pet when something out of the ordinary comes up. Vetr Health offers unlimited access to our televet services so you can chat or video conference with one of our licensed veterinarians for guidance and care.

In-House Lab

Vetr Health owns and operates it's own lab with state of the art equipment, processes, and experienced professional to ensure our pets receive the best possible service. Your pet's sample will be collected from the comfort of your own home during a routine exam or on a separate visit if needed.

Vetr is designed to help manage your pet's health records to ease communication with our veterinary team, other vet clinics, or business that provide care for your pet (daycares, groomers, etc.). With Vetr, you'll have all your pet's medical history at your finger tips so you can manage and share on the go from your phone or laptop.

Vetr Dog Membership


Per Month
*$15 each additional pet

You will not be charged until services begin in December.

Vetr Cat Membership


Per Month
*$15 each additional pet

You will not be charged until services begin in December.

What's included in the membership?

  • At-Home Vet Visit 1

  • Unlimited TeleVet Services

  • Core, Annual Vaccines

  • Comprehensive Blood Work 1

  • Fecal Test w/ Giardia 1

  • Heart worm Test 1

  • Urinalysis 1

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